How to Make a Female Condom in Few Steps

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In Lebanon and our region in general, it is difficult to obtain a dental dam (female condom). That is why I will be showing you how to make one — from a condom– in few steps.

Dental dams are latex sheets that are usually used in dentistry, but that’s not why I’m talking about them! Dams are important because they can be used as means of protection during oral sex, promoting safer sexual practices. They are mainly used during cunnilingus (oral sex of the vulva) and analingus (oral sex of the anus) to protect from sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), allowing oral stimulation of the vulva or anus without the transmission of body fluids or skin contact.

I encourage you to start considering safer sexual practices as part of your belief system and sexual life, especially if you have casual sex with multiple sexual partners.

How to make a dental dam from a condom:

Step(1): open condom cover and get the condom out (DO NOT UNFOLD CONDOM)

Step(2): cut off the tip of the condom (DO NOT UNFOLD CONDOM), you should end up with a ring

Step(3): cut the ring fully.

Step(4): you should end up with something looking like this.

Step(5): unfold the sheet slowly.

Step(6): Voila , you’ve made yourself a dental dam. ENJOY

SuQun el Leil

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