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Bekhsoos esmik:

Her name is inspired.

I cannot divulge from where or by what, but it is a beautiful name. It is a name I always wanted to own.

Bekhsoos shaklik:

Her whole figure is appealing.

She has one athletic body which I aspire to have. She is short, much shorter than I am, but that is what makes her adorable.

Bekhsoos wejjik:

Her face is radiant.

It changes if her hair is straight or curly. It is actually pleasant to have such an option; a change of face! Ha!

Bekhsoos shakhseetik:

Her personality is the foil of mine.

She is what I always wanted to be. She is my opposite, when she plays the drums, or cuts her hair, or draws on walls, or skates among frightened people.

Bekhsoos 7akyik ma3e:

The way she talks to me makes me feel loved.

To correct the above sentence, I’ll have to say: the way she used to talk to me. She made me feel like I was just like her. As proud as she/we were of ourselves, she had a reason of her own. As for me, she was my reason. All the things she said told me that we were perfect for each other without actually bluntly blurting that fact out.


Yes, this above description does not end well, as most stories here.

Unfortunately, since we are quite alike, we are both jerks then. I played too hard to get, and you were so scared by the fact of finally meeting someone who actually challenged all you made of yourself. I was scared too. I couldn’t let anyone know, you couldn’t let yourself or others see how vulnerable you could be around me.

Bekhsoos shou 3milna bi ba3eid. Bekhsoos enno walla marra raddeit 3a sou2alik el moutakarir: eza ana mne3eijbe fike. Men3eijbeh fike? Bekhsoos enno wala marra ana wajjahteillik sou2al byeshbah sou2aleik. Bekhsoos el habal taba3na.

“Min3ejbe” fike? B7ebbik!

Bekhsoos enno you’ll never know. And I will be the one to make sure you don’t.

Contributed by Andy.

Guest Contributor

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