What Are The Stupid Comments/Questions You Got When You Came Out?

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Last week, the Bekhsoos team asked the community to share some of the stupidest questions and comments they got for being gay/trans. Throughout the week, people sent us emails with their contributions. Here’s what the community had to share with us!

“Who’s the man in the relationship?”

– Suzy

“I wonder if lesbians get their periods.”

“Homosexuality is growing in numbers because nature wants to control human population”

– Lama

“But how do you have sex?”

“If you use dildos, why don’t you go for a natural penis?”

“Really? You don’t look like one at all!“

– Gya

“Do you guys, like, kiss and stuff?”

“Ya3ni inti el Mara bil relationship w sa7ebtik el rejel?”

– Red

“You don’t look gay.”

“How can you be pro-Palestine and gay at the same time?”

- Razan

“Nyaaa2, ma bte2rafi?”

“Oh God! Please tell me your girlfriend is not heavier than you, is she?! Nyaaaa2!”

– Lynn

“Why don’t you let your hair down?”

“Why are you so pro-gay?”

“Don’t you want to get a boyfriend someday?”

“Why don’t you want to get married?”

“Put on some make-up, will you?”

– Dylan

“[On the internet] Did you ever sleep with your sister? My dream is to do it with 2 sisters. That’s hot.”

“Are you sure you just haven’t found the right guy? I’m sure it’s just a phase. You’ll get over it. Don’t worry!”

“When you slow-dance, where do you put your hands? On her hips or on her shoulders?”

“You were abused when you were young, akid.”

“Your dad’s personality must have been stronger than your mom’s.”

“You mom’s personality must have been stronger than your dad’s.”

“Do you shave your legs?”

“So does this mean you want to marry a woman?!”

“Ma bta3erfi Allah, ma betsalli, kermel hek el shitan le3ib bi 3a2letik.”

“Yiii, ana ba3ref ‘x’ kamena metlik, boukra b3arfik 3alaya.”


When I told some of my friends that I’m queer, they answered: “Stop being so politically engaged!”


“Person: But you don’t look like a lesbian.

Nora: I’m sorry, I don’t understand.

Person: You actually look like a girl.”

– Nora

“So you’re not married, and we’re trying to fix you up with guys. Last night, we saw you with 4 women at a coffee shop. Do you like women?”

– Rouba

“If you keep thinking this way, you will become this way!”

– Maya

“Did you actually do it with a woman?”

– Mir

“I have a theory that you’re gay and I want to write an article on lesbians, can introduce me to your friends?”

– Ishtar

“Your brother is gay because you’re a lesbian.”

– Abdo al RaQissa

“Are you with her because she has lots of money? Is she your sugar momma?”

“Why do you all look like Michael Jackson?”

– Nadz

When our mothers wonder about us…

“If you have sex with women, it means you’re still a virgin right?”

– Gya

“Did you really have to translate ‘dildo’ into Arabic in your Facebook status? Is that really necessary?”

– Rouba

Inno ma3leish iza kinti shway benet!” [upon refusing to wear pink jeans she bought for me]

–  Maya

“Abdo al RaQissa: I want to be a boy

Mom: Why, to fuck girls?”

– Abdo al RaQissa

“It’s incredible, your friends look EXACTLY like you!”

– Lynn

“Are you dating Elissa?”

– Phoenix

Our fellow readers, what are some of the stupidest comments/questions you got for being gay/trans?

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