One Day, One Struggle: Activities Around the World

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Under the slogan “Sexual Rights are Human Rights!” organizations around the world have been or will be organizing a variety of activities and campaigns to promote sexual and bodily rights in their societies. We will gather reports from the different countries in coming issues of Bekhsoos. Here’s the roster of events happening:

Check out the Google Map here.


Bandhu Social Welfare Society and Manusher Jonno Foundation will organize together a thematic discussion on sexuality and screenings of films A Jihad for Love and Love for Share.


New Women Foundation will prepare on line visual activities through video shots and interviews on sexual education by using the new media.


A group of NGO’s in Ghana will hold a seminar on sexuality and the role of Islam in promoting responsible sexual behaviors and bodily rights of individuals.


Nasawiya, Helem and Meem will organize a viral video campaign with The Awareness Clips on the question of autonomy. Through this activity they will discuss the following questions: How are our bodies our own, our freedom of expression, our freedom to be? How do racism and sexism limit us? How does the system restrain us and our sexualities? They will share their videos on the webpage designed for the campaign ( and on YouTube.

An independent women shelter in Lebanon will have a workshop on trauma and violence against women in the form of rape, war, abuses of all kinds.


Sisters in Islam, Women’s Aid Organisation (WAO), All Women’s Action Society (AWAM), Pink Triangle (PT) Foundation will hold a one day workshop to talk about sexuality & Shariah.


Aahung, T2F-Peaceniche, Dugdugi will organize an event entitled Love has NO boundaries the event will be composed Film screening (excerpts from a “Jihad for Love”) followed by a short theatre performance (Tere Naam) and panel discussion.

Organization for Participatory Development (OPD) will organize a joint workshop with other NGO’s on Sexuality and Islam and a debate with a Reknowned Religious Scholar, regarding Sexuality and Women Rights in Islam.

World Population Foundation – Pakistan (WPF) is going to have a Stage performance with the theme of Breaking the silence on the issues of sexual diversities and interactive audience discussions afterwards.


An organization from Sudan will hold a symposium and public film screening on the topic of “polygamy”.


GAYa NUSANTARA and JAMAK will hold a Public Dialog entitled “Islam and the (Homo) sexuality” in order to abolish the restlessness among Moslem LGBTI who can’t escape from the reality of their gender and sexual identity, while at the same time would still need to meet the standards of Islamic piety.

Institut Pelangi Perempuan (IPP – Indonesian youth LBT Women Center) is going celebrate the launching of its long awaited website which would – a very important resource for young queer women in Indonesia.


Women activists from Iran will have a one-day workshop about sexuality concepts.


WAV (Women Against Violence) will participate to the campaign with various events on violence against women.


ATFD (Association Tunisienne des Femmes Démocrates) will organize a conference on sexual violence and sexual rights in Tunisian Penal Code.


Women for Women’s Human Rights – New Ways will organize an event entitled “Born free, live free?” within the framework of the event, an award winning documentary film, titled Pure Evil, which is telling the true story of Medine Memi (16 years old Turkish girl who was buried alive and killed by her father and grandfather), will be screened. The second activity will be a panel to discuss reproductive and bodily rights as well as the control mechanisms on people’s bodies, and revealing the link between non-recognition of bodily rights and the violence against women and LGBTT people.

Umraniye Human Rights Education Program (HREP) Groups will hold a panel on disorder of sexual functions and its link to the violence, mainly women who face with violence because of their sexual function disorders.

Gazi Society Center Human Rights Education Program (HREP) Groups will organize a workshop on sexuality.

Van Women Association (VAKAD) will have the screening of the film Pure Evil followed by a discussion.

Diyarbakir Metropolitan Municipality Center for Research and Application on Women’s Issues (DIKASUM), Epidem Women Education and Consultation Association, Selis Women Consultation Association, Kardelen Women Cooperative, Ceren Women

Cooperative, Bağlar Women Cooperative will issue a press relase on the control of reproductive rights of women by the State and women killings, this event will be a part of campaign which will continue until November 25). They will also show the slide show of the collection of sexual violence incedents in the past year in Turkey, in a crowded

Elder – Women Support Center and Canakkale Human Rights Education Program (HREP) Groups, Canakkale Municipality Social Works Department will have 3 simultaneous informative sessions on sexual and bodily right in 3 different Society Centers between November 9-12.

Marmaris Women Support Association will organize a conference on women’s sexuality to raise awareness and open up new issues of debates on sexuality.

Mamak Society Center Human Rights Education Program (HREP) Groups: “I will remove violence form my life and then will continue to live”: Panel on violence against women and women killings.Panel on sexual and bodily rights

Izmir Metropolitian Municipality’s City Council Women Assembly and Izmir Human Rights Education Program (HREP) Groups will have the screening of the film Pure Evil followed by a discussion, and a press release on sexual and bodily rights.

Akdeniz University Human Rights Education Program (HREP) Groups will hold panel on sexuality to raise awareness on women’s sexuality.

Hatay Human Rights Education Program (HREP) Groups will organize a demonstration and a press release on sexual and bodily rights with the slogan “Don’t touch mu body, my identity, my labor”.

Contact: CSBR international coordination office; Women for Women’s Human Rights – New Ways




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