Beyond The Land Of The Twenties

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So I hit my big 30 a while back and I can say so far it’s been a very interesting transition in many ways, but I am going to talk about two things: my body and sex. I’ll start with my body. Suddenly and out of the blue, it decided that gravity exists, and mind you I’m not a small woman so gravity and I have had a long long relationship, especially when it came to my boobs. I mean without a bra my boobs would hang all the way down to my belly button, but it wasn’t my boobs I was worried about. It was my belly. I developed a gut and try as I might to go back to my big beautiful body of the twenties I had to learn to deal with the gut. I didn’t want to believe anyone who told me your body does different things after thirty, really I didn’t, but the truth of the matter is your body will do what it wants and you have to learn to listen to it. It also decided to rebel when it came to loud music and crowded places. It is as if the age knob was turned up and it is somehow linked to the tolerance-of-loud-sounds knob which got turned down.  And don’t get me started on the hormones. It took other women past their twenties to tell me why I have these erratic mood swings and start crying at all the wrong times. I used to have the smoothest periods with no signs of PMS, except for the need to nest. Now I get cold and hot flashes and really bad mood swings and the cramps- oh dear. Why? Why? And why after thirty?

The answer to that is because  your sex life gets exponentially better. I don’t know why it happens after 30, but sex just got fantastical. Whoever said that a woman in her thirties is in her prime must’ve known what she was talking about. For me there was more clarity about what and who I wanted. I enjoy sex much better because even with the gut I feel desirable and sexy. In fact sexier than before because with age came confidence in myself and in what I wanted from my sexual partners. And like I gave in bed, I demanded.  Orgasms got better and there wasn’t the anguish of sex as a young thang. I have a lot of friends who are past their thirties and they too have thriving sex lives, some of us may not be having as much sex as before but we all agree it just got better with age.

Maybe all this happens after 30, or before 30, who knows, because 30 is just a number, an arbitrary line. But I am curious to ask, are you over 30? Has your body changed? Has your sex life gotten better with age? Share with us some of your stories in the comments below as I’d love to hear from others how time has impacted them whether by this arbitrary line or not.

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