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Before joining Meem, I used to read Bekhsoos from time to time and I enjoyed a few articles. When I became a member, I went into a Bekhsoos meeting at the insistence of Aphrodite, thinking I would kill some time before I left the house. And as is the case with many first-timers at the meeting, I left with the task of writing a film review. Ever since, I have been contributing to dearest “Bekh” on a regular basis. The types of articles I submitted have been diverse but I found my comfort zone in “The Revolving Door”, a column created to the editors’ wishes in which I have been pouring my heart out, and tears occasionalli.

This column has allowed me to express mani kinds of emotions such as love, anger, frustration and fear.  Time after time, as I wrote one piece after another, I realized each one lifted some weight off my shoulders. Putting down my feelings into writing lightened up my spirit. The release of my sentiments changed me. The negative left a gap that quickli got filled with a sense of self-accomplishment and the loving grew even further. Bekhsoos had become my therapi.

In a part of the world where being gay/queer and such is punishable by rejection, imprisonment and hate crimes; there is a dire need for a space such as Bekhsoos.  Bekhsoos has become a platform for the authentic voice of the LGBTQ communiti in Lebanon, Arabia and the world. We have created a weapon of thought against the puni voices of media pests such as “Hmar Bel Khatt el Arid”, Wafaa’ Al Kilani and Al Jaras (Ding dong! Internal homophobia, anione?).

We must use Bekhsoos as a documentation tool. She archives our struggles and our pain. She is an ongoing proof of a thriving LGBTQ communiti. The Bekhsoos motto is “we must write”. And write, we shall. Our writings will be our letters to the world. They will be the words of support from the ones who can speak to the ones who cannot, until they are capable of doing so.

Let Bekhsoos be your queer portal to the world. Share your coming out stories; how you met the love of your life or how you turned the painful into painless. Tell us how you hit rock bottom and dusted yourself off and tried again. It would be so much cheaper than seeing a therapist!

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Phoenix is a self-centered and sarcastic soul incarnated, perhaps by accident, in the bodi of a woman. As a writer with a temper, she replaces her "y's with an annoying “i” for aesthetical purposes and lives to crack a joke, at the expense of others. Her paranoid nature makes her sensitive to plants, animals and people. Ironicalli, after making fun of the Meem lesbians for years, she found a warm home there and is now renowned as its veri own emotional pest. She enjoys reading the paper with a hot cup of black tea while nude, more often than not.

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