365 Days with Bekhsoos

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Since September 7, 2009 and until September 6, 2010:

We published 46 issues with a total of 496 articles.

Bekhsoos articles were read over 214,608 unique times.

On any given day, 638 different Bekhsoos articles are read – in English, Arabic, and French.

We have 2,879 comments on our articles.

Our busiest day was Monday, May 24, 2010 with 2188 views.

Our most-read story was I’m Changing My Sex at 5,135 unique visits.

The number 1 searched term that led to the Bekhsoos website was “sexuality in lebanon” with 3,850 searches.

“Bekhsoos/بخصوص was searched 1,584 times.

3 editors and 25 authors wrote & reported for Bekhsoos, in addition to 168 one-time contributors.

2 teams of 2 techies and 1 designer alternated designing, uploading, and publishing Bekhsoos weekly.

We have 1297 fans on Facebook and 754 followers on Twitter.

Lynn is actively involved in Meem, a community of queer women and trans folk. She's also into pixels, among other things.

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