I Feel Pretty and Witty and Gay!

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I was on my way to university the other day when I saw a billboard that said: “No need to hide, start losing weight now.” I can’t tell you what went through my mind. Oh, wait, yes, I can. Here it goes:

How many of you have ever said I need to GAIN weight? How many of you look through the pages of a magazine and then think they are too fat? How many of you start stressing when summer is only a footstep away?

Who said that women should be skinny as a pole to be beautiful? I keep hearing the same sentences over and over again: I’m too fat. I need to lose weight. I can’t wear this – my curves will show. Wake up, women!!! Who said that you had to be “jelled 3a 3adom”1 to be attractive?!

Did you know that all the women you see in your magazines are fake, all the ads on the streets are also fake? The women you are looking at are all photoshoped.

Did you know that all top models have to be extremely skinny so that they don’t have any apparent shape or figure at all so that your attention stays on the item being exposed to you?

The impact that those images have on women is real. Most of them end up feeling ugly and not comfortable in their own body because of the way the “industry” perceives the perfect body. The perfect body is a sham! No one can reach that body!

Ba3den, there is nothing wrong with being full. Bel 3akes, I think it is very sexy when a woman has curves. It leaves you with a nice image. There is nothing wrong with having a belly or full thighs. But what I don’t think is Ok is women cutting down on everything to become sticks and then going all plastic with a brand new DD cup size because that is what a “beautiful sexy” woman should look like.

The best way you can be attractive and beautiful (and still be able to go to the beach without any shame) is for you to stay natural and true to yourself.

I love my body all I want is to gain a bit of weight, I think I am too skinny. That’s what you should start saying!!

Stop trying to become what you see in ads, on TV, in magazines. Start loving your body the way it is and it will love you back.

- Contributed by Rhea

[1] Skin on bone (very skinny)

Guest Contributor

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