All That’s Left…

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As I wander the streets of my mind, I feel she is slowly getting dissolved with the pieces of memories lying there. Between the lines, she comes then goes, disappearing like sugar in the cup of coffee I am drinking.

She could have been my lover forever. She said yes. Two weeks later, she said no. She refused the heart I was offering her.

She was there. But when I turned to look again, she was gone – in the blink of an eye.
I am thinking of that time when I used to care, when she was my whole world. But did she ever care? Now, she’s becoming nothing more than a fading memory…
Dead leaves swirling in the winter wind,
The green and blue lights of dawn dripping silently in my head,
A river of smoke flowing in the dark,
A smell of whiskey that fills the air,
A bitter, salty and sour taste of Mexican beer that burns my tongue,
A few chords on a guitar,
A New Year’s Eve made of illusions and stillborn dreams,
A wounded soul with a pain-drenched heart,
A question mark running among words,
A painting in a frame nailed to the wall of my mind,
A sheet of paper stained with the ink of my blood,

That’s all that’s left of her…

- Contributed by St.

Guest Contributor

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