6 Posters That Chronicle the Lebanese LGBT Movement

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Remember this one? You probably don’t, but this was the poster of one of the very first public LGBT events: the screening of a film called “I Exist” in 2005. The film was about Arab American LGBTs and the poster wasn’t the best but it was a landmark event!
This was one of the hundreds of LGBT party posters that came out over the past decade, mainly because we have tens more LGBT party organizers than activists, but it was a fundraiser for HIV/AIDS work. It’s also great graphic work, don’t you think?
This is my favorite poster of all time (ok maybe I am biased because it was the first LGBT event I organized). But the slogan, which Mazen Khaled came up with at the time, is the most genius LGBT-related slogan I’ve ever come across: Meen Shaz? (tr. Who’s Deviant?) – 2006. I also, it had a spelling mistake (my fault) – can you catch it?
Simple and beautiful, the rainbow-colored thumbnail poster was for the International Day Against Homophobia in 2007.
This closet hangers one is still in our recent memories – the International Day Against Homophobia in 2008.
The viral campaign that took over your internet in 2009: Natra Bareed? (tr. Waiting for Mail?). This poster was the teaser version that had young women standing around on library shelves waiting for Bareed Mista3jil. Genius, isn’t it?
First 5 designs are all by Kaleido Graphics, a design studio that has long been behind many of the movement’s creative designs – big and small – for 10 years.


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