Top 10 Gay Stencils in Beirut – Vote!

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We’ve compiled a selection of the coolest gay-themed stencils on the streets of Beirut. Which ones had the most impact and why? Vote for your favorite Top 3 and tell us why you like them in the comment box and we’ll tally the votes in the next issue.

1. "I love him" – stenciled in Hamra

2. "Arab Lesbian Liberation Front" - stenciled in Hamra

3. "Lebsian" – stenciled on Bliss Street and Abdel Azziz Street in Hamra

4. "Homophobia is a Social Disease" – stenciled in Hamra, near Jean-D'arc Street

5. "We're Gay" (might be an ambush writing over the pre-existing stencil of 3 people holding hands) - in Hamra and Gemmeyzeh

6. Feminist Fist – Stenciled in Hamra, next to "Arab Lesbian Liberation Front"

7. "Shou fiya?" (translates into "So What?") – a stencil of two men kissing in Hamra

8. "Power of the Underground" - stenciled in Gemmayze

9. "Fist Me" - Stenciled in Gemmayze and Hamra

10. "Bareback" - AUB Medical Gate & Hamra

Lynn is actively involved in Meem, a community of queer women and trans folk. She's also into pixels, among other things.

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