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Tawaqou3at Shakibé “Hayek” 2010

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10 Lebanese LGBT Publications

This week and next, we’ll be looking back at a decade of LGBT activism in Lebanon, counting down our favorite moments and analyzing our greatest accomplishments. As we turn a new page of a new year, we must also acknowledge all the work it took to get us here. We start with the Top 10 Lebanese LGBT publications that came out over the past 10 years. I cannot but stand in awe of the amazing feat accomplished collectively by individuals and organizations working for LGBT justice in Lebanon. Here they are in chronological order:

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بخصوص الخصاخيص

أول مرة سمعت كلمت “خصو” كان من ٤ سنين يعني بال-٢٠٠٦. وقتها كان بعدني عارفة إنو أنا “خصني”. جربت إسأل يللي “خصّهن”، إنو… more »

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Top 10 Gay Stencils in Beirut – Vote!

We’ve compiled a selection of the coolest gay-themed stencils on the streets of Beirut. Which ones had the most impact and why? Vote… more »

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Voice of the New Generation!

I am a 16-year-old girl and a growing activist. It all began with a magic purple card that was given to me by… more »


8 Lebanese Films That Tackled Homosexuality

- Red Chewing Gum, Akram Zaatari, fiction,  2000, 11’ A video letter that tells a story of separation between two men, set within… more »


عن “هوموفوبيا” الأماكن المثلية

بمناسبة الاحتفال بمرور عشر سنوات على انطلاق النشاط المثلي في لبنان، عملت “بخصوص” على تلخيص تجربة عشر سنوات من ارتياد الأماكن والحانات المثلية… more »

Arab LGBT News

Top 5 Worst TV Shows on Homosexuality

During the last few years, many TV shows on Lebanese channels talked about homosexuality and the gay community in Lebanon. Some were positive… more »