Perfect Bodies

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“If you could only drop 5 more kilos, you would look just perfect,” my mom said to me. “I would be so proud of you in scalesfront of the neighbors and say: “look my daughter has the perfect body!” It pisses me off! It makes me so fucking angry, not because she doesn’t think I have the perfect body, but because I feel as if my mom wants me to be a super-perfect figure just so she can show off. It’s as if I were a piece of furniture that she owns. Every time I hear my mom saying this, I feel that I don’t own my body.

It is not only my mother who wants her daughter to look perfect. So many parents bug their daughters to have a “perfect” body. What is it with having a perfect body, I wonder?!

I constantly see video clips, commercials, and billboards convincing the public how important it is for girls to have perfect bodies in order to get what they desire. It’s as if chubby girls and boys cannot ever get what they want unless they meet with the advertisement requirement: a “perfect” figure. What is even worse, the fashion industry has adopted the skin and boned body as role model! Walk down the mall! Try to find a kick ass dress or jeans that fits 70 kilo girl. They don’t even look nice on her, because the fabulous fashion designers can’t even imagine any other body type or size that is different from that of the precious “perfect” body. I am afraid that 10 years from now, they are not even going to make clothes that fit that poor 70 kg body.

The advertisement industry, sadly, has kidnapped our minds and brainwashed us for one single reason: to sell us their product, and that may not even have anything to do with having a “perfect” body. I really wish that, for once, I could watch a commercial, and by that I mean an ad that is as simple as Lipton tea commercial, with a chubby girl in it. I rarely run into a chubby girl who is comfortable with her beautiful body. It’s not her fault, she is not only being pressured by her family, friends, and society, but also from every single ad she runs into whether it is on the internet or/and TV. I am hundred percent positive that she feels rejected and unaccepted every single time she decides to go shopping.

And it’s not only about our body shape, but also about every single body part. It is about the perfect hair, nose, lips, eyes, tooth, skin, nails, toes, legs stomach and the most important one: boobs. Look around! Count how many hair salons are there in your neighborhood. God gave us a brain to invent, so we invented laser to remove our body hair from head to toe, to get tanned, and to remove eye glasses. As if 100 years ago, the women weren’t sexy with body hair, with the natural tan, or with the eye glasses. Try to count how many commercials you have seen about plastic surgeries this past year alone.

Every single thing has to be perfect. For goodness sake, we dress up for college, because we have to look just ideal.

So careful here, my friend! Make sure you differentiate between a healthy body and a “perfect” body. Dieting is not bad; in fact, it is good. Dieting is not about taking pills to lose weight as fast as possible. Dieting is a whole different world. It is about eating healthy, three meals a day, full of nutrition, to keep your body functioning in the right way. Dieting is the way to keep a stable state of mind. Activity and sport are not bad as well.

Loving this body we have starts from inside out. Realize the beauty inside you!

We own this body in all kind of meanings. We have the full right to look the way we want. We have the full right to use it the way we want. Family, friends, partners, neighbors, society don’t own your body. We do not need a signature from the rest of the world to assure us that we own our bodies.

If the whole world cannot see our real beauty, it is not our problem. If the whole world thinks that your body is not perfect, then, that is not your problem. It is their problem. As long as you think that, no matter how you look, you are perfect the way you are.

My body is not a statue for my mom to show off with. It is just a figure that contains my beautiful mind, my intelligence, and my creative soul. We, feminists, have so many other struggles to fight for other than our bodies. In fact, we should keep our bodies as healthy as possible, so we can witness the revolution in the near future.

And remember! Plastic surgery will never make you look fabulous, because you are already fabulous and sexy.

Contributed by Jo

Guest Contributor

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