Orbit’s Flavor

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Battle of the corpses
Cried for me in dismay
You must pick a side, they said
This orbit of yours left me desperate on it’s milky-way

They all want you, they all do
In the book of Koran
God spread fear in me, spread love
Shall I keep faking it for your societal acceptance?

Turn up the mic,
I have something to say
This little boy playing with toy guns
He’s gonna be a man, a strong man one day
Spread that love of yours, he said
The world is in need of flavor
and you got that flavor
You’re an artistic masochistic freak of nature

Battle of the Corps
You must pick a side, they said
You must make your choice real quick
For you are not welcome in God’s Paradise
Or so the Koran says
Whose God is yours?
Don’t play dumb now
She’s ten years younger than you
Get engaged now
tie the knot in four years
Perfect, perfect flavor
This is your gate-open to Paradise

Fix the frequency, I have something to say
Where is my voice? My dreams?
This orbit of yours threw me bare naked in your milky-way
Maybe by the time I’m 35, I’ll confide
I’ll open the curtains for my show
and you’ll climb my walls
I’ll stutter the words
and you’ll act surprised
then you’ll neglect me, abandon me
for I have sinned, put you to shame
Oh purgatory

- Nabz Kay


Guest Contributor

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