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I want to fuck you religiously
I want to fuck you five times a day
I want to fuck you on a Sunday
I want to lay you on your back, and kiss your forehead
Then I want us to fuck, like gods who have finally found something to believe in
I want my prayers to caress your skin
I want you to let me in, further than any man has ever been

I want to get down on my knees and please you
I want you to strip me of my beliefs and strap me on yours
I want to bow to your breasts as I hold them to my chest
I want to find God in the folds of your eyes
And I want him to realize, that if it weren’t for you
He would not even exist

I want to bite your tongue
I want you to bite your lips
I want to feel every tip of your grip
I want you to moan
I want you to scream my name, then hold it back in
So that the angels don’t know that one of their own
Is delighting in human sin

I want to build you a temple of words
And I want to be your human sacrifice
I want to write you the world
I want every breath I take to have your name on it
So that when we fuck and I am gasping for air
Your name is all I can think of

I want to worship your inner thighs
And I want them to worship me back
I want to be baptized
So honey, never hesitate to come
Come over, come under
Come wherever the hell you want, as long as you come


Contributed by hoesoverbros


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