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Social Policies, Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation Studies Association is Founded In Turkey

SPoD is a national non-governmental LGBT organization in Turkey. Founded in 2011 by LGBT activists, SPoD works for equality and human rights for lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people at the national level.

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For Justice, We Stand By Pinar Selek

Amargi Women’s Solidarity Cooperative is calling all women, lesbian – feminist associations, and human rights groups and networks to stand by Pinar Selek… more »

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“بيان عن حركة “المدافعة عن حقوق المراهقات المنهارات من أجل مهند

أعلنت حركة “المدافعة عن حقوق المراهقات المنهارات من أجل مهند” أن عددا كبيرا من عضواتها أصبن بالاسهال الشديد والمغص العنيف وحالات الانهيار العصبية… more »


I’m born free! But will I live free?

In Turkey on November 9, 2010, in the scope of the 2nd international CSBR “One Day, One Struggle” campaign, panels and workshops were… more »