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فتح باب التسجيل في “كامب منطقتنا” حول الجنسانية والعدالة الإجتماعية

من نكون نحن مجموعة من الناشطين من مجتمعات عربية قائمة في منطقة غالبا ما يشار إليها بمنطقة “الشرق الأوسط وشمال أفريقيا“. لكننا اخترنا تسميتها “منطقتنا” إذ أنها تبرز الرابط… more »

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The “H-Word” and The Politics of Name-Calling

During the past week, Bekhsoos had an estimate of 200 to 300 hundred new “Likes” on its Facebook Page. This exciting new wave brought with it supporters from 18 different countries, ranging across the sexuality continuum, along with a few persons who have been vocal enough to earn the “Homophobes of the Bekhsoos Page” title within less than 24 hours. Congratulations.
When The Lebanese LGBT Media Monitor reported that “this reflects the growing media influence that Bekhsoos has developed” – I thought “definitely” but the question I had in mind was how we were going to capitalize on this new surge in homophobia on our page.