Say No to World LGBT Youth Leadership Summit

Say No to World LGBT Youth Leadership Summit – Tel Aviv Queers: Lead Revolutions, Do Not Support Occupation! Thanks to the IGLYO Out of… more »

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غلامة تغضب مجدداً

من كم أسبوع وموضوع المثلية السورية اللي طلعت زلمي غيري من أميركا آكلة الجو. ومن الشجب للإستهتار للإستغلال السياسي، كل مين على زيته… more »

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Palestinian Queers for BDS Videos

Palestinian Queers for Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions have released a series of three powerful videos tackling Israel’s military occupation. Check them out! For… more »


A Queer Boycott

Bekhsoos has been publishing a lot of news around the Queer BDS movement and the different anti-Zionist movements around Pride and other international… more »

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Palestinian Queers for BDS: A Struggle Against Israel’s Colonization, Occupation and Apartheid

Palestinian Queers for BDS (PQBDS) is a newly launched group of Palestinian queer activists who live in the Palestinian Occupied Territory and inside… more »