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نظر إلي ابني يوماً وناداني “ماما”

p> عشت كل حياتي أعتقد أن أهلي وأمي تحديداً يكرهونني، ويتمنون لو أني ما خلقت. بادلتها هذا الحب بالكره. لكن عندما صرت أنا… more »

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Reflections On Gay Parenting

There comes a time when you look into your partner’s eyes, and all you can think about is how badly you would like to have a child with her. Not choosing to submerge myself into lesbian clichés, I must admit I am a woman and the feeling of motherhood tends to kick in at times. Throw that instinct into a lesbian couple and you get double the anxiety. The question is: How is it possible to start a family with your lesbian partner when you live in Lebano