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Why Wasn’t I An Emergency Case?

When teta passed away in February, my father and I hadn’t spoken to each other for over two years. My relationship with him… more »

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Between Helem and Meem: A Personal Experience

NB: This article tells a personal experience, not referring to the two mentioned organizations politics only. It tells the experience of sexual identity,… more »

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From the Belly of Arab Queer Activism: Challenges and Opportunities

Lynn Darwich and Haneen Maikey Introduction Lately, the murmurs of Arab LGBT activists have been rising against a “trend” whose critical discourse delves… more »

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Hadatha Fi “Mithli” Hatha Al-Yawm

It all started exactly 365 days ago (fi “mithli” hatha al-yawm) when I sent an e-mail to Salma: “Dear Salma, I am Emcee.… more »

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Graphics Are Political Too

On Tuesday, January 4th, over twenty members of Meem and the Bekhsoos team attended a session on graphics put together by Lynn, one of our graphic designers.

The session focused on anchoring the visual language of Bekhsoos within the larger framework of politics that the magazine seeks to express through articles, statements, features, and columns every week. The purpose of designing graphics for the magazine is not as much decorative or aesthetic as it is political [...]

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Meem Has an Improved Website!

We’ve kept the same spirit of our cute little website but upgraded the CMS. More improvements coming soon. Check it out!

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Framing Visibility: Coming Out and the International LGBT Spectrum of Progress

In 2007, Meem was launched as a little lesbian support group in Lebanon. At the time, and after 4 years of trying to organize alongside a majority of gay men within the framework of LGBT public advocacy, we had understood that in order to create a strong and empowered movement, we were to create a safe space to ourselves as women first. We had also understood that for women to feel safe enough to explore, share, and experience their relationships with their sexuality, confidentiality and anonymity had to be key elements in our organizing.

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The Insider: Sana Helwa Ya ga-Meem

Disclaimer: The author chooses to replace the “y” at the end of words with an “i” due to personal taste. It is not… more »