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On the Crisis of Scientifically Studying Homosexuality

Unless addressing HIV, AIDS, or sexual health, queer communities, at least in Lebanon, often disregard scientific interferences in our issues. Even though it… more »


F-to-M Transgenders: Physiological, Psychological and Social Effects of Testosterone

In the second and final part of this series of articles that explores the effects of testosterone for an F-to-M transgender, we will… more »

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F-to-M Transgenders: Physical Effects of Testosterone

The appearance of secondary sexual characteristics is due to sexual hormones secreted by the body during puberty. When it comes to men, the… more »

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Hormone Replacement Therapy for FTM Transgenders

Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) is the first phase of the physical transformation of the body. It allows, in the case of an F-to-M… more »


Hormonal Treatment for MTF Transsexuals

Many male-to-female transsexuals think that hormones are a miracle remedy that transforms us into dream-like creatures, women who sway the most difficult of… more »

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Les Hormones Entre Mythe et Réalité (THS pour MTF)

Beaucoup de transsexuelles (MTF) pensent que les hormones sont un remède miracle qui nous transforme en de créatures de rêves, des femmes à… more »