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Quareeb Jeddan

Earlier this month, Washington DC-based  Al Hurra channel discussed the issue of lesbian sexuality in Arab literature on its program “Qareeb Jeddan.” The… more »

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Positive Lesbian Character on MTV’s “Sarah”

“Yalle 3am titihimne fi mish 2ittihem, haida 5ayar.” That’s what Lina, played by Nada Abu Farhat, stated in reply to an accusation of… more »


8 Lebanese Films That Tackled Homosexuality

- Red Chewing Gum, Akram Zaatari, fiction,  2000, 11’ A video letter that tells a story of separation between two men, set within… more »

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تحية الى كارول سماحة

تحية من “بخصوص” الى كارول سماحة مؤخرا، أطلقت الفنانة اللبنانية كارول سماحة ألبومها الجديد بعنوان “حدودي السما”، ويتضمن أغنية بعنوان “ما بخاف” صورت… more »