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Alex (3)

This is the third and last part of the series. Click here to know what happened in part 1 and part 2 Thud,… more »

Readers' Corner

Alex (2)

This is the second part of Alex’s story. To find out what happened previously, click here “Skyler…?” Alex mumbled, as if his brain… more »

Poetry, Ramblings & Fiction

Chapter 3: La Vie

Out of college. Out of Grace’s apartment. Out of Toronto.
Into mediocre office job in some firm some place. Into tiny house with tiny backyard. Into Montreal.
She took up poetry to fill in the mountains of free time she had on her hands.

Readers' Corner

Alex (1)

She was thrusting herself over him, both her hands clutching his firm, broad shoulders for dear life. Her mouth was agape; she was about to enter orgasm. His cock had fully penetrated

Poetry, Ramblings & Fiction

Chapter 2: La Vérité

May 5, 2005. It’s all a blur at this point as if it had all meshed together into some strange convoluted yet somehow expressive painting. She can’t even recall where she heard the news.


Chapter 1: La Voie

As Valerie lay hooked underneath the turned-over jeep with the smoke filling up the interior, time slowed down. Almost stopped. It was almost… more »

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Chapter 5: Serendipity

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Chapter 4: Birds of a Feather

Previously, Chapter 3: Flutters Omar Qasim 11:39am September 25th Good Morning, Sorry I couldn’t write back yesterday as my internet went dead. I… more »