LGBT Interfaith Trip to Israel: Holy Pinkwash?

Crossposted from Between November 6 and 13, 2011, Jewish, Christian, and Muslim French LGBT organizations Beit Haverim, David and Jonathan, and HM2F are organizing a trip… more »


Say No to World LGBT Youth Leadership Summit

Say No to World LGBT Youth Leadership Summit – Tel Aviv Queers: Lead Revolutions, Do Not Support Occupation! Thanks to the IGLYO Out of… more »

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Pinkwatching Israel – Coming Very Soon!

Any minute now, the new Pinkwatching Israel!     PINKWATCHING IN PROGRESS…

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غلامة تغضب مجدداً

من كم أسبوع وموضوع المثلية السورية اللي طلعت زلمي غيري من أميركا آكلة الجو. ومن الشجب للإستهتار للإستغلال السياسي، كل مين على زيته… more »

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Call for IGLYO Member Organizations: Vote NO to IGLYO in Israel

Dear IGLYO Member Organizations and Board of Directors, During the past week, we’ve had the pleasure of publicly discussing, with activists and organizations… more »

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NY’s LGBT Center Caves To Pressure: Don’t Let Pro-Apartheid Bigots Shut Down Free Speech

We, the undersigned, are LGBT people and allies who condemn the stifling of free speech at New York’s LGBT Center due to pressure from wealthy… more »

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Palestinian Queers for BDS Videos

Palestinian Queers for Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions have released a series of three powerful videos tackling Israel’s military occupation. Check them out! For… more »


A Queer Boycott

Bekhsoos has been publishing a lot of news around the Queer BDS movement and the different anti-Zionist movements around Pride and other international… more »