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Queered: What’s To Be Done with Xcentric Art

Description: A catalogue of art works and texts that have shaped the Queering Yerevan movement. It includes documentation from various exhibitions and art happenings, photography, critical texts, excerpts from experimental writing, fragments from the QY blog, and email correspondence from 2007-2011.

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Being Queer and in Love in Yerevan (Armenia)

Bekhsoos is publishing this post thanks to blogger Adrineh Macaan In 2008, I decided to come to Armenia to participate in a queer… more »

Homophobe of the Month

Mek Azg – One Nation

Photo of the posters which reads:
“Say no to homosexuality, and to erotic websites”

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A Personal Queer Look At The Armenian Genocide

A lot of people asked us to talk about the Armenian Genocide, and how it feels to be a queer Armenian in Lebanon.… more »