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Got Thawra?

فمبروك مصر، من بعد المبروك اللّي باركناه لتونس، المباريك اللّي ناطرين نقولن للجزائر واليمن والبحرين والسودان والحبل عالجرار، وبإنتظار المبروك اللّي خايفين نقوله… more »

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The Secret to Publishing Bekhsoos Every Week

Last week, Nasawiya hosted a talk on anarchy and collective living by a queer person named Leil, who lives in Barcelona. A few… more »

Featured Articles

A Lebanese Glimpse Into Spanish Anarchy

Members and supporters of Nasawiya were fortunate last week to meet Leil, a Lebanese activist leading a life of anarchy in Barcelona, Spain.… more »