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Signposts from Al Qaws: A Decade of Building a Queer Palestinian Discourse

Haneen Maikey Based on Haneen Maikey’s speech at the conference organized by Aswat – May 2012, and patiently translated to English by Claudine… more »

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International Day Against Homophobia: Between the Western Experience and the Reality of Gay Communities

The anti-homophobia discourse is being used for other oppressive ends too Haneen Maikey and Sami Shamali The 17th of May is the International… more »


US TOUR: Palestinian Queers Talk Politics 5-18/2/2011

Dear Friends,
In February 5th Palestinian queer activists from AlQaws for Sexual & Gender Diversity in Palestinian Society and Aswat – Palestinian Gay Women will be touring the US in a series of public conversations. The schedule is listed below