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Skinny Jeans

  When I saw that TV ad, telling women you should lose weight to be happier and feel better, I convinced myself that… more »

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الاعلان كصراع سياسي

لو اكتفى الإعلان ببيعنا منتجات ومستحضرات وخدمات والسلع المادية، لكانت مشكلتي معه أقل حدّة. لكن حين يبيعنا الإعلان أفكارا وسياسات وظواهر، تغدو حربي… more »

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Preaching to the Choir: Questions and Doubts

Sometimes I wonder if our struggle makes any sense at all. You may think I am pessimistic but I am not. I am… more »

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Queered Up Ads

A collection of ads that were queered up for the IDAHO 2010