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La Femme Au Masque De Fer

Non, ceci n’est pas un nouveau roman d’Alexandre Dumas. Ceci est mon histoire à moi. Je suis née en 1973. Donc avec un… more »

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حزب الخضر” وحقوق المثليين”

أعلن “حزب الخضر” البريطاني عن بيانه الرسمي للانتخابات القادمة، وتضمن أكثر من 14 بندا تغييريا يصب في مصلحة مثليي الجنس في بريطانيا.

ويقول شعار الحزب الذي لا يملك أي نائب في البرلمان أن المساواة تستحق أن القتال من أجلها. وطالب الحزب بقانون يسمح بالشراكة المدنية لكل من متغايري ومثليي الجنس

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My Homophobic Ex-Girlfriends

We’ve all faced homophobia at one point or another. We’ve all had homophobic friends, parents or acquaintances who, every now and then, throw… more »

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A Personal Queer Look At The Armenian Genocide

A lot of people asked us to talk about the Armenian Genocide, and how it feels to be a queer Armenian in Lebanon.… more »

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Palestinian Queers for BDS: A Struggle Against Israel’s Colonization, Occupation and Apartheid

Palestinian Queers for BDS (PQBDS) is a newly launched group of Palestinian queer activists who live in the Palestinian Occupied Territory and inside… more »

Living Gay

Text Is A Game We Play

Previously on Living Gay, theRibz met this stranger he really liked on Manjam. After their first face-to-face meeting, theRibz returned home, wondering whether… more »

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The Secret to Publishing Bekhsoos Every Week

Last week, Nasawiya hosted a talk on anarchy and collective living by a queer person named Leil, who lives in Barcelona. A few… more »

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A Lebanese Glimpse Into Spanish Anarchy

Members and supporters of Nasawiya were fortunate last week to meet Leil, a Lebanese activist leading a life of anarchy in Barcelona, Spain.… more »