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Les Mendiantes De L’Evident

Je voulais me révolter mais apparemment je suis mendiante, la révolution reste un rêve qui s’éparpille avec le lever du soleil Un aprème,… more »

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My Kind Of Revolution

Having been born and raised amid continuous wars, trying to have a normal childhood in bunks or while my parents kept moving us… more »

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Revolutio – Revolutionis: Into The Cycle

The etymology of the word revolution comes from the Latin word revolutio – revolutionis, which means to come back to the starting point,… more »


بين ذكورتك وشرجي… هاوية

بالتعاون مع قاديتا، زاوية مثليون ونصّ سألتني صديقتي: إذا لماذا انفصلتما؟ – أجبت: هكذا.. لأن العلاقات تنتهي. – ولكن العلاقة كانت تبدو مثالية..أكثر… more »

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محاولة قبل الأولى

the pen’s tip halts

just before it touches the page

fearing for the paper’s safety

from the rage of false pharonic idols

this wrongly gendered body

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Got Thawra?

فمبروك مصر، من بعد المبروك اللّي باركناه لتونس، المباريك اللّي ناطرين نقولن للجزائر واليمن والبحرين والسودان والحبل عالجرار، وبإنتظار المبروك اللّي خايفين نقوله… more »

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On the Hypocrisy of Gay Activism

There has been an uproar recently about an incident that took place in Kayan, a popular bar in the Gemayze district of Beirut… more »

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For Justice, We Stand By Pinar Selek

Amargi Women’s Solidarity Cooperative is calling all women, lesbian – feminist associations, and human rights groups and networks to stand by Pinar Selek… more »