The chronicles of censorship: a dildo quest

Dear diaries; And there was one time, in Beirut streets, when I met “the killer,” “the exterminator,” “the fluffy purple vibrator” and a… more »


Tele-fooling, yes, that is a euphemism for “Phone Sex”. I apologize for being really blunt, considering that this is my first blog post,… more »

Lesbian Porn for Beginners

The Hamra Festival was an obvious attraction hub to half the population of Beirut. By half the population, I mean me bumping into… more »


Contributed by “.ل”

‎عن الأورغازم…وأخواتها

كتير صعب على أي شخص انو يرتاح كلياً مع حاله/ا. كلنا عنٌا شعور بعدم الأمان وكلنا ما منحب نفرجي إللا الجزء يللي منحبه… more »

Masturbation: A Tribute to Us

We often come across the questions: When was the first time you had sex? Who was it with? Was it good? Did you… more »

What is Lesbian Sex?

My best friend and I have a running joke. Well, it started out as a conversation. A serious one, in fact.  About 12… more »